Tactical Boot Pouch Stocking

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Tactical Boot Pouch Stocking

A Tactical Boot pouch to bring with you, no matter what mission.  It looks like a real military-grade tactical pouch. See your friend's and family's reactions when they see you pulling your kit out of this pouch.  Did we mention this makes a great Christmas Holiday stocking for the Vet in your life?

  • Its versatile capacity can hold up to 2kg worth of items
  • Safe, durable, and long-lasting, made out of wear-resistant Nylon, Webbing, & Grid cloth, this tactical pouch vest will be sure to keep your kit safe on any missions. 
  • You don't have to worry about wear and tear because these pouches have been made to last.

Tactical Boot Pouch Dimensions:

Inside Vest Dimensions:

Height: 16.93in

Width: 11.81in

Opening width: 8.27in

The Perfect Gift for Those Who Love Hunting or Camping

Looking for a gift to give to someone who loves to hunt, go camping, or just love tactical gear in general?  Look no further. Our Tactical Boot Pouch is perfect for them. Its small and compressible, making it easy to gift wrap.  We've had a ton of positive feedback from our customers who gave this to friends and family, and it was a huge hit! 

It's Incredibly Realistic - You won't believe it.

You'll be shocked when you see it in person, it really does look so realistic. Your co-workers, friends, and family will be shocked at the detail of the tactical pouch.

Safe, Versatile, Easy to Hold

It's small and wear-resistant and made from wear-resistant nylon with webbing and grid cloth. The pouch was made to be durable to take on the outdoors while you enjoy your activities outside. Its small and versatile, making it perfect to take on the go. And with its comfortable grip, carrying it is easier than ever.

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