What We Stand For - Veteran Support

 At ARROWOLF Specialty Store we are inspired by all military, law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals who give themselves for our health, security, safety and freedoms everyday.  As serving military members ourselves coupled with family members who are also military or former RCMP we want to leverage this business to support and give back.  We believe in opportunity and bringing talent together so that we can all reach our goals faster and collectively give back to the community in a greater way.  With that, we are proud to recognize the follow causes and organizations:                         


At Canadian K9 and group8108 a part of their philosophy is volunteering and giving back to the community, evident in the causes & organizations they support and personal time of all team members invested in volunteering.  The team at Canadian K9 and group8108 are comprised of law enforcement, veterans and former RCMP & CBSA officers.  They bring years of experience to your security needs.  Their mission is to ensure peace of mind to clients by providing the highest level of protection and security through a service tailored to your specific needs.


 Legion EngineeredThe team at Ravenhill Risk Control includes professionals with a strong track record of solving difficult problems in  challenging environments. Their team’s combined health and safety, risk mitigation and aviation experience allow them to offer robust solutions.  RRC has the capacity to assist clients through the entire project risk management process.  Did we mention that the team comprises of former 2REP and, Joel Struthers author of Appel: A Canadian in the French Foreign Legion?  Together they created a Not for Profit apparel line, Legion Engineered Resistance (Le Resistance), with origins tied to the Legion Parachute Commando’s in an effort to promote PTSD awareness. 


Founded in 2013 by longtime Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Darcy Boucher, Bowda Creative Communications is an independent agency that provides Canadian businesses, organizations, and nonprofits with creative communications solutions. Core services include social media strategy + management, copywriting, graphic design and consulting.  Bowda offers a Veteran discount! Get 10% off their services or use code VETERAN to get $50 off all Bowda DIY Social Media Strategy Template packages.

The Rampage Raiders
are a team of airsoft players / volunteers that have been hosting outdoor public skirmish games at Rampage Paintball & Airsoft since 2017. The main goal of the Rampage Raiders, was to not be just another team of guys that played airsoft, but rather an umbrella that the entire community is welcome under. Driven by our own passion for the sport, and desire to see it grow we began hosting organized airsoft pick-up style games as well as larger scale events once a month for airsoft players in Calgary & surrounding area. We hand out free patches to all players that come out to our field to show our appreciation, and give them a way to find other players that also play at our field if they venture out to different events. There is a colour tier system that rewards loyalty to our field, and the players earn their way up the ladder the more they play at Rampage. Once a month we host a larger scale event, and with help from our sponsors 007 Airsoft & Rampage Paintball & Airsoft, we do free giveaways, prizes, and raffles for all players present at the event to win something cool. In more recent years we have started to do charity games and donate proceeds from that event to a charity that has been preselected. In our first ever attempt at this, the community helped us raise over $3,000 for The Heart & Stroke Foundation. We’re a bunch of normal guys that wanted to play a lot of airsoft, and possibly make some friends along the way. We wanted to give players a consistent, reliable, safe, and organized environment to do the same, and through the communities support we now have the largest number of regular players in Alberta.



 Raven Guard Airsoft was originally founded 11 years ago by a couple friends all in the security industry. We operated out of Capture the Flag for about 5 years before ultimately disbanding due to family commitments, members moving away etc.  Fast forward 2 years, we decided to restart with a new group of guys at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. We started with 10 of us, always trying to be the guys people enjoy playing with and being very accepting of new players and families. This approach has allowed us to grow to now 66 active members which includes fathers, sons, grandfathers, mothers, and daughters. Our members range from 11 years old up to 60 years old. We focus on being the team anyone can join and feel welcomed and accepted which is why we also have started another branch of Raven Guard called Raven Heart. This is our all girls team that focuses on having a safe place for ladies to come and try out the sport we love so much. We host regular games out at Capture The Flag in Cochrane and are always happy to play with anyone who comes out and willing to help get people started in Airsoft. 





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